page title icon What is ArmyWOD?

The key to holistic health and fitness.

ArmyWOD provides daily physical training to improve the Warrior Athlete’s ability to meet the demands of their military occupational specialties, duty assignments, and combat-specific tasks.

Individualized training.

Every workout is carefully and deliberately designed to be infinitely scalable across age, experience, body composition, and equipment available.

For the mind and body.

To accomplish your goals faster, ArmyWOD emphasizes strength in both the physical and nonphysical domains by promoting proper recovery, nutrition, and mental toughness.

Meet the Trainer

Justin is an experienced combat leader and Chief Warrant Officer in the US Army with over 19 years of Active Duty service. His focus is on preparing Warrior Athletes for high-intensity conflict so they can accomplish their mission, survive catastrophe, and return home.