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How quickly should I expect results?

You’ll notice a difference in your mood, movement, and energy level after just 10 workouts. For most people that’s about two to three weeks. How often you workout and how well you recover is a major factor. We believe with any fitness program, the harder you work, the better the results. But where most people … Read more

How often should I Workout?

Frequency primarily deals with recovery. The quicker you recover, the more frequently you will be able to workout. Your ability to recover largely depends on your current fitness level, age, diet, and work/life stress management. With the exception of age, all of these factors can be trained and managed. To get started on the right … Read more

The +2 Method

The +2 Method was designed to enable steady gains in strength while reducing risk and preserving work capacity. It forms the basis of resistance training in ArmyWOD programming. The strength developed with the +2 Method serves as the foundation for all other ArmyWOD training as well as increase performance so you can succeed and excel … Read more