page title icon How to Start


1x Loadable Sandbag
1x Jump Rope
1x Plyo Box

1x Pair Heavy Dumbbells
1x Pair Heavy Kettlebells
1x Medicine Ball

Home Gym
1x Power Rack
1x Barbell
4x 45lbs Weight Plates
4x 25lbs Weight Plates
2x 10lbs Weight Plates
2x 5lbs Weight Plates
2x 2.5lbs Weight Plates
2x Horse Stall Mats


Fundamental movement skills are critical to developing strength and work capacity while preventing injury. You want to seek out reliable sources for coaching and nutrition, and progressively master the fundamentals before taking on large loads or high volumes.


While there is a high degree of variability to workouts based on functional movement, the workouts are most certainly not random. Individual workouts should collectively form a properly periodized program that work up to periods of peak performance followed by periods of active recovery.